Focus on Loving your Bones Today!

Sitting still and chanting Om…… may not seem to have any impact on your bone health, but if you are experiencing any stress, meditation can quite possibly be the key to keeping your bones healthy.

Whether you are undergoing cancer treatments, struggling with work, or experiencing any other cause of stress, this negative feeling stress/anxiety is harmful to the body, mind and soul affecting us to the core and can contribute to the progression of osteoporosis.

To manage stress in a healthy way that doesn’t involve alcohol or other solutions that may cause bones to become weaker, meditation can be another tool to manage stress. Meditation has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, and pain, and is a safe method for people to explore. 

Keeping a positive mindset and incorporating stress-management practices like meditation can indirectly support your bone health, especially if you are going through a stressful time like managing a breast cancer diagnosis.

Enjoy a Meditation with our Pure Cat Instructor Laura Graye that will guide you to understanding your bones from the inside-out.[

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