Kimberly Adams

At 27 I religiously went to the Gynecologist, I always thought I pay for insurance I might as well used it. However when I went to the Gynecologist 3 days before my 28th birthday I was not expecting for her to find a lump in my breast. I try to go through life with lightly, so the story of how she found the lump makes me laugh. She is talking and telling me that it is normal procedure for her to check my breast but because I was “so” young she probably won’t find anything. No less then 2 seconds later she was like oh wait a minute. She kept insuring me that is probably nothing and to get it checked out after I have my period. Thank God she didn’t brush it off.

I put so young in parenthesis because at that time in my mind I didn’t think I was so young. Two years from thirty, unsure of relationships I really felt at a crossroads in my life.

Well about two weeks later I went to get my lump checked out and it was the “Big C” I was in shock and disbelief. It actually took three doctors visits until it finally became a reality to me, that I have stage I breast cancer. I began to think about all the dreams and aspirations I had for this year alone. I was going to get a second job, volunteer more, make better relationships and work on my blog. Now those dreams would have to wait and who knows how long they would have to wait, or even if I live to start dreaming again. What is going to happen to my life? After a few days and witnessing the shock and concerned reactions from family members, loved ones, and doctors, I decided that I would start living today. Some of my goals have changed however most have stayed the same. I feel like I am full of meaning. My issues are also still here but I am not waiting I am creating answers for them. I didn’t have a choice on whether or not I got cancer, I don’t smoke, I socially drink and I am take very good care of my body (not knocking any of the above). However I do have choice to take ownership of my life.

I want to make my life to be meaningful. In elementary school my fourth grade teacher asked me what do you want to do when you grow up and I remember my response vividly ” I want to change the world”. Throughout time and life experience I have been distracted and jaded from this goal however cancer brought back that same feeling of when I was in the fourth grade. I am teacher and a cancer survivor. my passion is saving the world and educating. Before this journey began I thought my life was at crossroad at 27, can you believe it! However now I feel like I have been given a chance to live and want to give others the same chance.

I have stage I cancer and I was blessed to find it so early. However through my research and I find out women have stage II or III my heart hurts. The very least I want to do for breast cancer is to be an advocate for early detection. Because many women go to doctors faithfully and there needs to be a way to save lives and have early detection. I don’t care if cancer takes me today or 50 years from now I want to get the word out about early detection.