Jennifer Manghisi

I was diagnosed with stage 0 DCIS breast cancer of the right breast nearly 3 days after my 24th birthday. Even though the cancer was noninvasive there were abnormal cells microscopically throughout the breast so I need to have a mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery. My nipple was discharging blood which initially prompted me to go to the doctor. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer my whole world seemed to come to a standstill. I wanted to have the surgery as soon as possible. I just wanted the cancer out of my body.

At the time, I was a Public Relations Director for an fashion house and had worked very hard to get that position at such a young age. I was afraid my career would suffer. I never really took the time to be sad over cancer. It made me start to see what is really important in life and that things I had previously worried about were pretty miniscule in the grand scheme of things.

After the mastectomy, I went back to work and continued to move up the ladder. Then, I was told I needed chemo. I would need CMF which is a mild kind, I wouldn’t lose my hair but I would have a difficult time focusing and I would be extremely tired. My work suffered, the recession hit, and I was let go. It was such a relief. I decided I would never work for anyone else every again. I wanted to embark on a journey of fulfilling my own dreams.

Shortly after, I travelled, started my own business, and moved into a nice building in the financial district. There is life after cancer and it’s pretty freakin’ amazing.