Our partnerships will offer young women several initiatives, including the following:


If you are facing cancer, know that you are not alone. Your healing journey can become easier when you have spiritual tools or a personal spiritual practice. Tigerlily Foundation and Unity invite you to a peaceful safe haven for a 4-day retreat at Unity Village, to enjoy the beauty of nature, quiet rejuvenation, and affirming spiritual support tools available to you and your caregiver.

2019 Spirit Retreat

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2018 Spirit Retreat

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Spirituality and You


While many advances have been made in terms of treating breast cancer, there is still a need to treat the mind and spirit, as well as a need to improve the relationship between patients and healthcare providers. After a diagnosis of breast cancer, there is an immediate focus on your treatment plan, and often this does not include administering to the patient’s mind, spirit and soul. Integrating spirituality into your treatment plan addresses every part of you, and can offer many benefits during your treatment. It is important to note that spirituality differs from religion. While spirituality is defined as the expression or experience of the sacred, the individual search for meaning, the belief in transcendence or belief in a power larger than one’s own existence; religion is connected to an organized system or group of practices and beliefs in which people engage. Some people are connected to a religious institution, and others can be spiritual, but not religious.

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SPIRIT Prayer Guides

Tigerlily & Unity 24/7 Prayer Line


Tigerlily Foundation and Unity have launched a dedicated, 24/7 Prayer Line for young women diagnosed with breast cancer. Call 1(888) 803-4680, any time of the day or night to receive confidential prayer support. Unity prays with people of all faiths or no faith tradition. The 24/7 Prayer line is an initiative of Tigerlily Foundation’s SPIRIT Program, which is focused on providing transformative spiritual resources to young women diagnosed with breast cancer, during treatment, and after breast cancer. 

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