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Spirit Program

Tigerlily Foundation’s Soul Peace Inner Reality Transformed (SPIRIT) Program’s is focused on providing young women diagnosed with breast cancer with transformative spiritual resources, that support holistic healing, provide inner peace, and foster deeper relationship with their Higher Power – and transformation – during and after breast cancer.  This program will eventually offer a variety of spiritual resources targeting various belief systems.  The goal is to give young breast cancer patients a foundation of faith, belief, love and deep gratitude that surpasses their physical experience.  At its core, the SPIRIT program is centered on LOVE.

  • Learning What Healing Really Means for You. A diagnosis of cancer brings one’s mortality to the forefront. All you want to do is to get through it and to survive. While many heal physically from treatment, some don’t. The focus of the SPIRIT program is to give those who are touched by our program the tools to find healing beyond the physical.
  • One Life. The SPIRIT program endeavors to inspire those who are touched by this program to realize the responsibility and gift of life; and empowers them to embrace all the experiences of this one life time, accepting both wanted and unwanted experiences as a means to get closer to finding, living and sharing our soul’s purpose.
  • Valiant Living. We believe that the experience with cancer awakens the warrior in us. Our SPIRIT program will inspire you to live more nobly and braver than before.
  • Enriching. Our SPIRIT program will feed your soul.  Integrating spirituality and prayer as part of your treatment plan will offer benefits that improve your quality of life



While many advances have been made in terms of treating breast cancer, there is still a need to treat the mind and spirit, as well as a need to improve the relationship between patients and healthcare providers. After a diagnosis of breast cancer, there is an immediate focus on your treatment plan, and often this does not include administering to the patient’s mind, spirit and soul. Integrating spirituality into your treatment plan addresses every part of you, and can offer many benefits during your treatment. It is important to note that spirituality differs from religion. While spirituality is defined as the expression or experience of the sacred, the individual search for meaning, the belief in transcendence or belief in a power larger than one’s own existence; religion is connected to an organized system or group of practices and beliefs in which people engage. Some people are connected to a religious institution, and others can be spiritual, but not religious.

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Pure Cat Initiative

Tigerlily Foundation’s Pure Cat Initiative was launched in honor of Catherine Odderstol, a sassy yogi, who danced through life, spread light and joy with everyone she met, and who left us the gift of her eternal gypsy soul.  Cat was dedicated to helping others have a mind, body, spirit approach to health and wellness.  Cat’s transition has inspired us to honor her living SPIRIT legacy, by offering patients, caregivers and loved ones access to programs that inspire them to light up life, focus on faith not fear, and as she loved to say, “Let Love be Your Frequency”.   We are excited to offer you this additional support.  Sending love to all. – Pure Cat


Our partnerships will offer young women several initiatives, including the following:

If you are facing cancer, know that you are not alone. Your healing journey can become easier when you have spiritual tools or a personal spiritual practice.

Tigerlily & Unity 24/7 Prayer Line

Tigerlily Foundation and Unity have launched a dedicated, 24/7 Prayer Line for young women diagnosed with breast cancer. Call 816-969-2000, any time of the day or night to receive confidential prayer support. Unity prays with people of all faiths or no faith tradition. The 24/7 Prayer line is an initiative of Tigerlily Foundation’s SPIRIT Program, which is focused on providing transformative spiritual resources to young women diagnosed with breast cancer, during treatment, and after breast cancer. 

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