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Tigerlily Foundation and Unity have launched a dedicated, 24/7 Prayer Line for young women diagnosed with breast cancer. Call 816-969-2000 or online form at, any time of the day or night to receive confidential prayer support. Unity prays with people of all faiths or no faith tradition. The 24/7 Prayer line is an initiative of Tigerlily Foundation’s SPIRIT Program, which is focused on providing transformative spiritual resources to young women diagnosed with breast cancer, during treatment, and after breast cancer. 

Act Now. Call the dedicated Tigerlily Prayer Line with Silent Unity at 816-969-2000 or online form at to receive confidential prayer support.

Share the Love. Share this page through social media or e-mail and send it to any loved ones in need of support now.

Visit our SPIRIT Program page to learn about other spiritual resources to support you along your journey.