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POWER (People-driven Outcomes through real-World Evidence and Research)

People often think that research is something that is done in a lab or that involves taking a drug. In fact, research is more than that. An important part of research is working with people in the real world to get data that informs patient outcomes and helps advise the various systems that affect human beings and their treatment journey. We work to understand and address systemic challenges that impact the people we serve. With this in mind, we work with people in the real world to get information that leads to measurable outcomes. We work to end barriers and disparities of all kinds, engaging people of all backgrounds (age, stage, color, sexuality, gender, life journey), to help us help researchers, scientists, and industries develop solutions. One of the key components of our work is also to engage people and patients in partnerships/collaborations with scientific communities, encouraging populations who may not consider science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) activities to learn how their inputs contribute to STEM – leading to better health outcomes for women, as part of health equity and social justice. Our research work will include, but not be limited to understanding mindset, cause, behavior, adherence, understanding, quality of life, psychosocial needs, survivorship, patient patients’ needs, the patient journey, disparities and strategies. Through this program, we will also promote/work to engage patients in clinical trials.