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P.O.W.E.R. (People-driven Outcomes through real-World Evidence and Research)

Mission Statement 

Engage with collaborators on research that informs patient outcomes and helps advise the numerous systems that affect human beings and their treatment journey. Our research focuses on understanding mindset, cause, behavior, adherence, quality of life, psychosocial needs, survivorship, patients’ needs, the patient journey, clinical trials, disparities and strategies. We will end barriers and achieve equity within the healthcare ecosystem and develop specific, measurable, and time-based solutions to do so. 

Core Values 

P.O.W.E.R. will fulfill its heart-centered research by pursuing these core values:  

Integrity – Collaboration – Innovation – Knowledge – Service – Compassion – Education – Empowerment – Service to Others – Empathy 

Vision Statement 

P.O.W.E.R. researches to end barriers and disparities of all kinds, engaging people of all backgrounds (age, stage, color, sexuality, gender, life journey), to help stakeholders like patients, caregivers, families, scholars, scientists, and industries develop solutions. 



TLF participates in dozens of virtual and in-person conferences every year. We are either showcasing TLF programs and services as an exhibitor, or we are illustrating our latest research that amplifies the BIPOC experience in the cancer continuum of care. Explore our conference library of event summaries and photographs. If you’re interested in attending conferences as an ANGEL Advocate or patient-advocate, please contact TLF’s Research Manager, Virginia Leach, via email 


Peer-Reviewed Articles

TLF is honored to contribute to academic, scientific, and medical literature. We focus on a patient-centered experience that includes the voices of BIPOC women in the healthcare ecosystem. Browse the following articles TLF has published with various peer-reviewed journals. 

List of Peer-Reviewed Articles:


Magazines & Op-Eds

Are you looking for more insight as to what your cancer journey could be like? Take a look at these articles written and co-written by Maimah to learn about her journey and perspective on cancer. Everyone’s journey is different, but we can lean on each other for support and inspiration one day at a time.