Hope Box Program

This program is for young women currently in treatment for breast cancer, diagnosed under the age of 45.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is something no one wants to deal with. Treatment can be overwhelming and leave you feeling alone and with tons of questions.

Our Hope Bags help you face the future, armed with knowledge, resources and inspired with a new focus on you. One thing we have learned about navigating through breast cancer is this – this is a time when you come first. You must focus on healing in every aspect of your life – emotional, spiritual and physical. To help you get jump started, we’ll send you a hope bag filled with gifts to pamper, soothe, educate, empower and help you to manage stress as you get through this.

Applications are not open at this time.  The enrollment period will re-open soon.  Please check back again.  Thank you!

Hope Bag Stories

Dear Tigerlily Foundation,

I live in Henderson, Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas, and today I received my hope bag from your organization.  Thank you so much for the beautiful bag and all of the wonderful items inside.  I was having an anxious day, because I am waiting to hear news on results from my latest CAT scan to see if the cancer is still active,  and receiving your hope bag just made me smile.  All I could do was smile and be grateful that I now have friends, on the opposite side of the United States, that care enough about me to send this wonderful gift to me and support me in my journey.

Thank you very much and please keep up the good work, it matters!!



I just wanted to tell you how much I love my hope Bag.  I was so excited to receive it; and it was soooo much more than I could have ever expected!  The goodies inside are amazing and so thoughtful.  The bag itself….well, I take it with me everywhere!  It honestly feels like a big soft hug when I carry it on my shoulder.  I’m usually the person who changes purses all the time….not since my beautiful bag arrived!

Thank you thank you!


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