Have the Chat

Younger women can get breast cancer too.
But many ignore the signs, not knowing it can happen to them.

We’re here to ignite conversations with young women about breast health and wellness. When you Have the Chat early and often, you empower those you love to know the facts, own their bodies and take charge of their health. Information is ammunition!

Our web videos, tips and advice make it less awkward (and not so scary) to broach the topic of breast cancer – and its impact – with your daughters and loved ones. Join our movement to #Havethechat and change the conversation from “What I wish I knew” to “I’m glad I know.”

Keep our girls healthy. Have the Chat!



To keep “our girls” healthy by encouraging breast cancer conversation early and often.

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women ages 15 to 54.

When breast cancer is diagnosed at a young age, it’s more likely to be aggressive and tends to be more aggressive; yet too many younger women ignore early warning signs – like skin redness or nipple pain – thinking they’re too young to be at risk. And some doctors dismiss breast abnormalities in young women as cysts and opt to “wait and see.”

Early detection and prompt treatment can lead to more positive outcomes, and a better quality of life. In fact, more than 90 percent of women whose breast cancer is found in an early stage will survive.

Still, young survivors face different health risks and challenges. Fertility. Loneliness. Anxiety, fear and depression. Body image issues. Dating challenges. The stresses of student loans, starting careers and what the future will bring during and after cancer.

Educating young women before, during and after breast cancer empowers them to know what to watch for and do, cope with confidence and support, and take control of their health.


Having these conversations can be awkward. And scary.
We get that.

Young girls can be embarrassed to talk about their bodies, and other breast health topics, and sometimes parents don’t know where to start. But awareness is much better than avoidance. And it can be lifesaving!

Have the Chat is here to guide you, so you know what to say, but when you start talking to your daughter early – at puberty – then have ongoing conversations when she’s a teen and twenty-something, she’ll get more comfortable with her breasts. And be more vigilant with her health.

The best chats tend to happen over an activity you enjoy, while grabbing a bite or doing something casual. Take your tween out for ice cream. Surprise your teen with a frozen drink from your local coffee shop. Tell her you want to chat because you love her.

Our conversation starters help you broach important topics like lifestyle and wellness, self-exams, screening, genetics, hereditary breast cancer, the importance of clinical trials for those at risk, the emotional toll of being diagnosed, survivorship, living with metastatic cancer and needs of the caregiver.


How to Have the Chat and Change a Life

    • Educate. Use our Conversation Starter Sheet as a Guide to have your chat.
    • Inspire. Share a picture or video of why you had the chat on social media and tag 10 friends, nominating them to Have the Chat. Make sure to use the hashtag #havethechat.
    • “Inspire Some More!  Join the “Chest Bump” Online Challenge!  We are launching an online challenge called Chest Bump Tag to engage young women and spread the word about breast health across the worldwide web. The chest bump is an iconic act: a celebration of victory, a display of empowerment, and it’s a fun way to raise awareness about a serious topic – breast cancer.  For this campaign, called Chest Bumps for Chest Bumps ((#CB4CB), we’re challenging influencers, our supporters and anyone with a camera to film themselves and a pal doing their most fabulous version of a chest bump. To play, pairs of participants read from a brief script stating they are playing Chest Bump Tag to get young girls talking about breast health, name two friends each to go next, then share their video across their social media channels, tagged with #HaveTheChat and #CB4CB.
      Chest Bump Tag Tips Prompts (DOWNLOAD PDF)
  • Empower. Follow Tigerlily Foundation on social media and tag us in the picture. We’ll share on our social media pages!
  • Advocate: Take the Pledge, Raise Funds & Start a Movement. Start a fundraiser via Firstgiving or via our Facebook page to help us raise funds to educate more young women and families on the importance of having conversations about young women’s breast health, mental health (anxiety and depression during treatment), the importance of caring for the caregiver, having a strong relationship with your healthcare provider, knowing your genetic and hereditary history, metastatic breast cancer and survivorship. Inspire change and save lives




It’s healthy to talk to our girls about “their girls.”

Choose awareness, not avoidance.

Have the Chat.

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