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Clinical Trials

Dr. Lori Wilson Division Chief of Surgical Oncology, Howard University Hospital

Tigerlily Foundation’s Clinical Trials Program is a transformational initiative to accelerate the delivery of innovative treatments to our patients, with a strategic focus on populations that are facing the highest disparities. 

Why do we do this work?

  • We know that most patients of color are not offered trials until their cancers are at a more advanced stage.

  • We know that people of color are underrepresented in clinical trials, yet have the highest mortality rates across multiple disease states.

  • We know that is unacceptable.

  • We are working to transform the clinical trial landscape by building trust and transparency, to achieve equity in clinical trials in this lifetime by holding stakeholders accountable and dismantling barriers for patients of color.


Black people account for less than 5% of participants in clinical trials.

(FDA 2019 Drug Trial Snapshot Summary Report)
Clinical Trials


Black women under 35 get breast cancer at two times the rate of white women and die at three times the rate.

(Lisa A. Carey. et al., “Race, Breast Cancer Subtypes, and Survival in the Carolina Breast Cancer Study,” Journal of the American Medical Association) 


Lack of diversity and representation in clinical trials are the primary reasons why it is not known which treatments are most effective treatments for Black women with breast cancer.

(Yedjou CG, Sims JN, Miele L, et al. Health and Racial Disparity in Breast Cancer. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2019;1152:31-49. doi:10.1007/978-3-030-20301-6_3)
Clinical Trials

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We are hosting a focus group dedicated to Black women with breast cancer who have not participated in a trial. We aren’t here to try to change your mind-you are the expert on you, and we respect that! Our goal with this group is to create a safe space for you to openly share your experiences, concerns, and any fears that impacted your decision. We will be holding space, listening, and learning from you-the expert! 


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We're excited to announce the upcoming launch of Tigerlily Master Class! Master Class is an online video series focusing on in-depth discussions related to breast cancer. We'll be bringing you viewpoints from: patients, caregivers, advocates, and healthcare providers.Each story and perspective is a lesson in how people experience cancer in their daily lives, and each module covers a specific subject matter. Stay tuned!Tigerlily Master Class has been created in partnership with GSK ... See MoreSee Less
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Tigerlily Foundation
Dr. Charles Perou’s love for science was inspired as a child when he visited the lab where his father worked. Today he is a world-renowned expert in genomics, impacting patients around the world, particularly through the discovery that breast cancer is not one disease, but more than one type of breast cancer. Dr. Perou has spent years studying Triple Negative Breast Cancer, which is diagnosed at twice the rate and is more aggressive in Black women, working to design clinical trials, develop treatments and improve outcomes for this population. He is dedicated to developing the right therapy for each patient – by ensuring diversity in clinical trials. As he says, “It is important to have diversity in clinical trials because we want to make sure that these treatments work on everyone.”Tigerlily Foundation's From Molecules to More Moments campaign highlights the people who touch the lives of patients in the clinical trials continuum. Tigerlily is committed to ensuring better outcomes - contributing to longer life - for people of color by working with patients and partners to build trust, transparency and transform the clinical trial landscape. #frommoleculestomoremoments #tigertrials #clinicaltrials Produced in Partnership with Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. ... See MoreSee Less
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