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Tigerlily Foundation’s BREATHE Tv is a sacred space, an educational and inspirational breast cancer lifestyle web series that brings together patients, providers and loved ones in a space of purpose, while engaging in authentic and meaningful conversations about cancer.


BREATHE Tv Season 3 Episode Descriptions & Downloads


In this episode, we dive into the topic of bone health and the impact that cancer can have on our bones. The impact cancer can have on our bones is significant. Bone pain, bone loss, and health complications can be a result of cancer, cancer treatments, or an ongoing issue that is a part of survivorship when treatment is completed. In this episode, Valencia and Marquita share their experiences and talk about what has helped them to manage and support their bone health and why it is important to “Love your Bones.”

  • Host: Maimah Karmo | 16 Year Breast Cancer Thriver
  • Guest: Valencia Robinson |Patient Advocate & Pure Cat Yoga Instructor
  • Guest: Marquita Goodluck |Tigerlily ANGEL Advocate

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