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BREATHE TV Past Seasons

Tigerlily Foundation’s BREATHE Tv is a sacred space, an educational and inspirational breast cancer lifestyle web series that brings together patients, providers and loved ones in a space of purpose, while engaging in authentic and meaningful conversations about cancer. Hello.


BREATHE Tv Season 2 Episode Descriptions & Downloads


Sep 8, 2021 – Learning about your family history can be a tough, and often a sensitive topic to bring up with your family members. However, it is important to have these conversations and compile this information if at all possible. Knowing and understanding your potential risk factors associated with health conditions taking with your medical team or doctor about family history may qualify you for screenings and tests to monitor your health.

Guests on this panel will discuss the strategies to have these conversations with family, important information you may want to know, as well as the benefits of genomic testing and other prevention measures that can be taken by patients to have the knowledge that they need to address their health decisions.

  • Host: Maimah Karmo | 15 Year Breast Cancer Survivor
  • Guest: Dr. Altovise Ewing, PhD | LCGC -Genomic | Health Equity Scientist | Genetic Counselor
  • Guest: Heidi Floyd, Breast Cancer Survivor | Author | Advocate

Download this episodes Tiger Takeaway: Family History


BREATHE Tv Season 1 Episode Descriptions & Downloads


Feb 4, 2021 WorldCancerDay is February 4th. Tigerlily Foundation is happy to share with you our first episode of BREATHE Tv!

In this first episode of BREATHE Tv, Maimah is joined by Ines Rodriguez, Breast Cancer Survivor and Clinical Nurse Educator, Tigerlily Foundation ANGEL advocates Na’Diah Smith, an early-stage breast cancer warrior, & Tori Gieb, a metastatic breast cancer (mBC) advocate and Patient Mentor, Edwina Lantigua, who shares her experiences working with young women diagnosed with breast cancer. This episode helps to educate, inspire and build community, so no one thinks they’re alone.

We are excited to provide our community with an early breast cancer (eBC) planning guide, empowering patients to become their own best advocates about their health.

Download this episodes Tiger Takeaway: Early Breast Cancer (eBC) Planning Guide

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