We are here to educate, support, empower and advocate for you.

Tigerlily Foundation is here to support young women (age 15 – 45) before, during and after breast cancer. Our outreach is focused on the breast cancer community as a whole. This community consists of family, friends, health advocates, physicians, researchers and more. We reach diverse communities, ethnic groups and those who are underserved. From living rooms to classrooms, from board rooms to Capitol Hill, we are there, making a difference.

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Being diagnosed with breast cancer opens you up to a whole new world of jargon, experiences, and feelings. What gives you power as you begin your journey is understanding breast cancer and knowing your facts, so that you become an educated partner in your own treatment and recovery. Our goal is to offer you information that will help you better understand breast cancer, so that you are empowered and knowledgeable.


At Tigerlily Foundation, our focus is on reminding of you how beautiful and strong you are, throughout your breast cancer journey. Our hope is that by the time treatment is over, you will not only have new life, but be transformed into a “New You.” Through our Fearless Female Program we can help you get there.


Although there is global awareness of breast cancer, people are not always aware that younger women can and do get breast cancer. There is a need for change in terms of ensuring better representation of issues facing younger women’s health in the community. Tigerlily Foundation works to advocate for that change.


Being a breast cancer survivor is not just a name we attribute to those who have made it through this journey. It is a way of life. Being a survivor means that you are part of a sisterhood, and it means that as strong as you are, you’ll need help along the way. Tigerily’s support programs offer everything from peer support, hope bags, meals and financial assistance, to a way to connect with other young survivors in real time. We are here to help you through this journey. Just reach out your hand and someone will be here to hold it, and guide you along the way. For more information on any of our Support Programs please click on one of the links below.