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We are here to educate, support, empower and advocate for you.

Tigerlily Foundation is here to support young women (age 15 – 45) before, during, and after breast cancer. Our outreach is focused on the breast cancer community as a whole. This community consists of family, friends, health advocates, physicians, researchers, and more. We reach diverse communities, ethnic groups, and those who are underserved. From living rooms to classrooms, from board rooms to Capitol Hill, we are there, making a difference.

Learn more about our programs in the categories below:



Being diagnosed with breast cancer opens you up to a whole new world of jargon, experiences, and feelings. What gives you power as you begin your journey is understanding breast cancer and knowing your facts, so that you become an educated partner in your own treatment and recovery. Our goal is to offer you information that will help you better understand breast cancer, so that you are empowered and knowledgeable.

Pink Power Alerts

Pink Power Alerts provide information on prevention, wellness, holistic health, breast health reminders, tips on how to live healthy 365 days of the year and ways to lower your breast cancer risk. Text “fearless” to 51555 for weekly text alerts!

PETALs Program

How much do you know about Breast Cancer and breast health? Tigerlily Foundation’s flagship Peer Education Through Awareness and Leadership (PETALs)© Program focuses on educating young women, ages 14-18, about their breast health.

Tigerlily Master Class

Tigerlily Master Classes are immersive online “courses” for those interested in learning about the various aspects of the breast cancer experience. These Master Classes will help create a deeper understanding about important and tough topics related to cancer.

Clinical Trials

Tigerlily Foundation’s Clinical Trials Program is a transformational initiative to accelerate the delivery of innovative treatments to our patients, with a strategic focus on populations that are facing the highest disparities. 


At Tigerlily Foundation, our focus is on reminding of you how beautiful and strong you are, throughout your breast cancer journey. Our hope is that by the time treatment is over, you will not only have new life, but be transformed into a “New You.” Through our Fearless Female Program we can help you get there.

Hope Box Program

This program is for young women newly diagnosed or currently in treatment for breast cancer, diagnosed 45 years of age or under. Being diagnosed with breast cancer is something no one wants to deal with. Treatment can be overwhelming and leave you feeling alone and with tons of questions.

New Normal Journal

Tigerlily Foundation’s New Normal Journal is for young women currently in treatment for breast cancer, diagnosed under the age of 45. The New Normal Journal provides young survivors with tools to navigate life during and after breast cancer.



Tigerlily Foundation’s BREATHE Tv is a sacred space, an educational and inspirational breast cancer lifestyle web series that brings together patients, providers and loved ones in a space of purpose, while engaging in authentic and meaningful conversations about cancer.



POWER (People-driven Outcomes through real-World Evidence and Research) People often think that research is something that is done in a lab or that involves taking a drug.  In fact, research is more than that. 


CARE Coaching

More than ever, patients need mental health support.  Through the CARE (Comfort Affirmation Reconnection and Empowerment) Coaching program, we offer free coaching services to patients as they navigate cancer and COVID-19, to support their mental health needs.



Although there is global awareness of breast cancer, people are not always aware that younger women can and do get breast cancer. There is a need for change in terms of ensuring better representation of issues facing younger women’s health in the community. Tigerlily Foundation works to advocate for that change.

Young Women’s Breast Health Day on the Hill

In 2009, Tigerlily Foundation worked with Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz to develop the Breast Cancer Education and Awareness Requires Learning Young (EARLY) Act. With $9 million per year in proposed funding for five years, the EARLY Act calls for a national education campaign about the risks that young adult women (under 45) face from breast cancer.

Young Women’s Advocate Now to Grow, Empower and Lead (ANGEL) Advocacy Training

ANGEL Advocacy Program The Tigerlily Foundation is committed to mobilizing our community of young women, caregivers, and loved ones to transform lives and recognize that we must Advocate Now to Grow, Empower & Lead through the ANGEL Advocacy Program.


Young Women’s Disparities Initiative

Tigerlily Foundation’s Young Women’s Disparities Initiative Goal: To reach young African American women in underserved communities and those facing disparities through immersive experiences, and to end disparities in our lifetime. Challenges: MBC disproportionately affects the African American community and younger women.

Young Women’s MBC Disparities Alliance

The Young Women’s MBC Disparities Alliance is a collaborative of patients, experts, caregivers, community leaders and partners, focused on establishing priorities and implementing measurable interventions to end MBC disparities for black women. Vision: The vision of the Young Women’s MBC Alliance is to end breast cancer disparities in women of color in our lifetime.


Global Advocacy Initiative

Through this program, Tigerlily Foundation supports educational, awareness and advocacy initiatives around the globe. Our first partner initiative is the Tumaini Africa Breast Cancer Outreach (TABCO) program, based in Kenya. TABCO is a grassroots movement created by Breast Cancer Advocates and Champions in collaboration with breast cancer organizations to spread knowledge and hope (Tumaini).

Inclusion Pledge

The #InclusionPledge provides a transparent and tangible framework across stakeholders to identify and track equity actions, holding organizations accountable to making specific, measurable outcomes that will result in dismantling systemic barriers and co-creating solutions that will result in health equity for Black women and end disparities in our lifetime.


#KnowMoreDisparities and #PullUpASeat Bi-directional Conversation Series

Launched in Fall 2020, the Tigerlily Foundation and Guiding Researchers & Advocates to Scientific Partnerships (GRASP) monthly conversation series shines a light on the experiences of Black women with breast cancer through two conversations, #KnowMoreDisparities and #PullUpASeat.


Being a breast cancer survivor is not just a name we attribute to those who have made it through this journey. It is a way of life. Being a survivor means that you are part of a sisterhood, and it means that as strong as you are, you’ll need help along the way. Tigerily’s support programs offer everything from peer support, hope bags, meals and financial assistance, to a way to connect with other young survivors in real time. We are here to help you through this journey. Just reach out your hand and someone will be here to hold it, and guide you along the way. For more information on any of our Support Programs please click on one of the links below.

MY LIFE Program

We know that you don’t want to have to learn about this, but the more educated you are about the topic, the more empowered you are to make decisions that are right for you. Being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer does not mean that there is no hope.

SPIRIT Program

Tigerlily Foundation’s Soul Peace Inner Reality Transformed (SPIRIT) Program’s is focused on providing young women diagnosed with breast cancer with transformative spiritual resources, that support holistic healing, provide inner peace, and foster deeper relationship with their Higher Power – and transformation – during and after breast cancer.


Tigerlily & Unity 24/7 Prayer Line

Tigerlily Foundation and Unity have launched a dedicated, 24/7 Prayer Line for young women diagnosed with breast cancer. Call 816-969-2000 or online form at, any time of the day or night to receive confidential prayer support. Unity prays with people of all faiths or no faith tradition.

Funds for Families COVID-19 Relief Program

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many breast cancer patients and their families are living with increased financial challenges. Tigerlily Foundation offers financial grants to breast cancer patients through the Funds for Families COVID-19 Relief Program. The program provides financial assistance to families based on need.


Pure Cat Initiative

Tigerlily Foundation’s Pure Cat Initiative was launched in honor of Catherine Odderstol, a sassy yogi, who danced through life, spread light and joy with everyone she met, and who left us the gift of her eternal gypsy soul. Cat was dedicated to helping others have a mind, body, spirit approach to health and wellness.