Unity World Headquarters

“There is tremendous pain, suffering, and injustice that must be accounted for.  We find ourselves in the midst of seeming chaos everywhere we look. While in the throes of the largest pandemic in a century, we are now seeing unprecedented nationwide unrest.  These are not small issues we are trying to navigate. We are taking on the safety, health, and well-being of our families, friends, and loved ones, while at the same time exposing and overturning centuries of bias, privilege, and racism that have long been screaming to be acknowledged and addressed.  We need profound change that preserves and protects the human rights of every individual in this country.

In the midst of so much divisiveness at every turn, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. There is tremendous pain, suffering, and injustice that must be accounted for.  My message today is to tell you that wherever you are in the midst of this-we see you. We feel you. We hear you.  We are listening so that we may understand deeply what troubles you and how Unity can be a source of comfort, education, and inspiration as we walk together and forge a new path forward, ushering in the great change that is so desperately needed right now.  Our commitment and calling at Unity to help and serve have never been more steadfast or strong.

Though we may not have all of the answers, we are working as hard as we can:

  *  To provide a platform for the voices of change to be heard.

  *  To create a safe container that is steeped in spiritual principle.

  *  To listen deeply, grieve, pray, connect with empathy, have dialogue, share information, and lift the consciousness and the conversation.

May our prayers and our dialogue be transformed into spiritual right action so that we create long-lasting and meaningful change.

This is our commitment to you. We stand with you in Unity.

Jim Blake, CEO
Unity World Headquarters