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  • Clinical Trials
  • Represenataion
  • Psychological
  • Mental/Trauma/Emotional
  • Socio-Economic
  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Educational


  1. Sanofi will establish a cross-functional working group within Research & Development focused on Inclusion & Diversity in Clinical Trials with the objective of identifying barriers to recruitment, enrollment and retention and employing strategies that encourage participation for diverse populations.
  2. Sanofi commits to developing, disseminating and amplifying clinical trial content focused on patients’ needs (e.g., communicating information in layman terms, understanding and addressing the existing concerns, fears, mistrust, emotions and barriers for historically marginalized/racially and ethnically underserved populations).
  3. Sanofi will provide financial support to eliminate barriers to trials by investing in organizations doing disparities work in a strategic, actionable and measurable way.
  4. Sanofi will support advocacy initiatives focused on understanding the experience and perspectives of historically marginalized/racially and ethnically underrepresented people and work collaboratively to address a shared commitment to advancing science and improving care for those communities.
  5. Sanofi commits to conducting a series of sessions across the enterprise within North America to create awareness, increase understanding and drive action on the topics of racial injustice, the Black experience in the U.S., impact of implicit bias, and importance of allyship. Internal facilitators will be trained on Bold Inclusive Conversations to ensure the dialogue is enduring and commitments persist.
  6. Sanofi commits to hosting “safe spaces” for Black colleagues to express themselves, support one another and meaningfully address the impact the societal reckoning is having on them and their families.
  7. Sanofi will continue to evaluate, analyze and evolve their People Processes to ensure inclusive practices in hiring, developing and promoting talent. This includes establish consistent evaluation, a commitment to continuous improvement, and expanded accountability for improvement.
  8. Sanofi will establish a suite of training materials available on-demand for self-directed learning on addressing racism in the workplace.
  9. Sanofi will continue to develop a culture where prominent and long-term inclusion and diversity efforts are prioritized, including several I&D committees (e.g., US Executive I&D Council, SGZ I&D Council, NA Medical I&D Council), Employee Resource Groups with broad participation across the company and throughout the leadership team and biweekly Oncology Leadership I&D Open Office Hours, an open exchange to discuss thoughts, ideas, questions or concerns around inclusion and diversity.
  10. Sanofi will purposefully partner with their patients and communities throughout their health journey – to learn from them where gaps exist and how they can advance science by ensuring the voice of Black people – patients, caregivers, patient advocacy leaders, researchers, clinicians, etc. – is represented when sharing experience stories during internal meetings/panel presentations.
  11. Sanofi will host black trauma, mental health and emotional support programs internally for Black colleagues.
  12. Sanofi will support the development and distribution of informational materials and programs focused on the psycho-social challenges underserved communities face.
  13. Sanofi will support initiatives dedicated to addressing disparities in healthcare, particularly underserved communities for STEM education (high school, college, patients).
  14. Sanofi will build a cohort of young scientists representing historically marginalized to get involved/stay in cancer research by incentivizing and supporting (mentoring networks/Fellowships, etc.) their career development and growth.
  15. Sanofi commits to bridge opportunity, knowledge, and equity gaps by connecting students to impactful careers with resources that bring relevancy to learning and broaden understanding of and engagement with STEM by providing access to dynamic, relevant, and standards-aligned digital curriculum resources to students, teachers, and parents nationwide.
  16. Sanofi commits to eliminating barriers to health and life for Black women.
  17. Sanofi will support community-based programs that focus on working with trusted partners where Black people work, play and pray.
  18. Sanofi will support Tigerlily/GRASP and other programs to learn about the experiences of Black people living with cancer and ensuring black women are at the table, as equal participants in curation, decision-making, providing input and supporting the development of “for us/by us” programs and initiatives.
  19. Sanofi will support organizations/programs that work to address disparity policy initiatives at the federal, state and local levels.


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