Huddersfield, England


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1. African American Ambassador Program – Breast Cancer
2. Paxman to launch self-care campaign
3. Paxman to publish self-care articles and videos about African-American hair care and self Image, and an educational campaign focused on mental health and healing
4. Paxman to release brochure on African-American haircare and the importance of self-image
5. Paxman commits to targeting healthcare providers in African-American communities – women of color in oncology
6. Paxman and Tigerlily to release and share a video about the pledge/importance of commitment to the black community/Paxman’s commitments.
7. Paxman will continue to promote STEM careers– blog on African-Americans in STEM and Paxman’s commitments and work (science, technology, engineering).
8. Paxman to highlight their commitment to diversity and work with Tigerlily and the above initiatives, and issue a press release.


Coming soon


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