Patient Power



 1. We reviewed and signed the inclusion pledge of 6/2/20.

2. We made a corporate donation to the Tigerlily Foundation on 6/12/20.

3. We will leverage our access to health-industry partners by asking pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and scientific organizations we work with to join us in this pledge and act on its framework.

4. We will increase efforts to recruit speakers of color for our live event panels, interviews and our additional advocacy initiatives.

5. We will work with our content production team to deepen our body of educational resources for black patients and care partners with at least a dozen more articles and/or interviews with experts and advocates over the next year.

"Patient Power has always been supportive of underserved populations and we have done the very best we can to reach out, advocate, and collaborate with other organizations in this regard. In reality, we cannot do this ourselves and we appreciate the network of like-minded organizations that you have brought together. While your main focus is on black women with breast cancer in this initiative (and this is a really important torch to bear!), we are wanting to not only support your work but more broadly reach and educate and support other underserved communities across other conditions. So we are working on that. - What we do need at this juncture is for Tigerlily to collaborate more fully with us. We do want to continue to include your voice and the voice of your affiliate organizations in the programs we do. But we need you to help us reach your communities with the content/programs we produce that will engage and educate and support those you reach much more easily than we do. That’s the collaboration we need to make this work."