Off Script Media


  • Communication
  • Representation
  • Literacy
  • Educational


  1. Off Script Media will ensure diversity in messaging advised and curated by people of color.
  2. Off Script Media will work to end barriers to literacy with allies by highlight perspectives of people of color.
  3. Off Script Media will bolster representation by partnering with diverse patient groups of color.
  4. Off Script will work with partners to enhance awareness of importance to diversity and inclusion.


“In “Cancerland,” confronting health disparities is the prime directive of our time. Now, more than ever in the history of cancer advocacy, we have the will, the means, the passion, the empathy, and the data to address systemic health inequity and improve access and outcomes for millions of underserved patients. OffScrip Media’s mission is to build community, end isolation, amplify voice, and improve patients’ and caregivers’ quality of life. By producing original, hard-hitting, non-fiction podcast documentaries and narratives, we pledge to ensure health equity and the elimination of barriers for Brown and Black women.”