National Breast Cancer Foundation



BCRF is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, and has signed the Tigerlily Diversity and Inclusion Pledge for Women of Color. More specifically, BCRF is actively working to: improve diversity within its organization at all levels, from staff and leadership to scientists funded; educate people of color diagnosed with breast cancer about the benefits of participating in clinical trials; continue to maintain—and expand—a robust research portfolio that attacks racial disparities in breast cancer outcomes and care from all angles. Measurable outcomes: Increase racial and ethnic diversity on staff when climate changes and hiring begins again; Increase ethnic diversity on volunteer boards including board of directors and scientific advisory board; Increase diversity of funded investigators and investment in breast cancer disparities; Increase blog and social media content to inform women of color about breast cancer risk, benefits of clinical trial participation in improving treatments for women of color with breast cancer; create a more inclusive and equitable workplace environment.

“The National Breast Center Foundation has always been committed to providing access for all women to screening and treatment for breast cancer. We stand with Tigerlily and other organizations in rising up against disparities in care based on skin color.”

– Martha Carucci
Executive Director, National Breast Center Foundation