More Moments More Memories Foundation


  • Psychological 
  • Emotional/Trauma/Mental 
  • Literacy 
  • Trust 
  • Socio-economic 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Geographical 
  • Communication (External Discrimination) 
  • Financial Strain of Clinical Trials  
  • Representation  


  1. MMMM commits to increasing outreach to cancer advocacy and support organizations serving people of color with the goal of supporting more women of color in need of travel assistance to cancer clinical trials by connecting with organizations.
  2. MMM commits to evaluating all advertisement and informational materials for diversity, inclusiveness and cultural responsiveness by date and mak any identified adjustments to materials by date.
  3. MMM commits to providing MMMM collateral to TLF for use in Hope Boxes and similar resources sent to patients.
  4. MMM commits to sharing about TLF events and/or resources through social media and/or newsletter at least four (4) times a year.


More Moments More Memories is committed to removing financial obstacles and clearing a path for patients with cancer to seek innovative treatments at oncology clinical trials, especially those that face disproportionate barriers to clinical trial participation. We are passionate in our belief that lack of financial resources or lack of awareness about potential treatment solutions should never stand in the way of creating More Moments and More Memories for families. We pledge to work with the Tigerlily Foundation and other advocacy organizations to expand our program’s reach to better serve women of color, improving access to potentially life-saving clinical trials in order to achieve health equity so they can experience more moments to make more precious memories with their loved ones.”

~ Christi Shaw and Shelley Shaw, Co-Founders of the More Moments More Memories Foundation.