Massive Bio

New York, New York, US


  • Literacy
  • Representation


  1. Massive Bio commits to promoting diversity in clinical trials and ensuring better representation of diverse populations.
  2. Massive Bio commits to promoting health literacy and cultural competency in their patient and inward facing content.
  3. Massive Bio is committed to health equity and inclusion.


“As a first generation immigrant and a working woman in the US, I know from firsthand what healthy equity means to the individuals and how important for the development of successful next generations. That is why at Massive Bio, we hire significant portion of our team from people who have dealt with challenging diseases in their own family and are passionate to create a dent in the universe with one patient at a time.”

– Selin Kurnaz
Co-founder and CEO
Massive Bio


New York, Cairo, Egypt, Dubai, UAE, Tunis, Tunisia, Rabat, Morocco