• Host a diversity town hall that is curated by TLF

• Work with Tigerlily on patient centric leadership from product development, trial design, marketing and launch (Health care providers, clinical research, employees) Internal D&I survery, Patient moderated event around Trodelvy.

• Give TLF Humanly Tool and have it be used as a storytelling platform for diversity and social justice for patients of color.

• Work with TLF with Black breast cancer research.

• Work with TLF on thought leadership Center of Excellence (HEAL)

• Support Diverysity & Inclusion playbook for pharma.

• Support YMBHD.

• Support Inclusion pledge campaign, and financial investment in the work.

• HCP focused brochure on how to talk to your black patient and other content for clinical staff and others.

• Engage agency and communication staff to do press release and communications around pledge.

• Series of blogs around disparities.

• Lunch & Learn. 

• Inclusion pledge campaign and funding.

• Angels as experts

• Employee credo