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1. Immunomedics will host a diversity town hall that is curated by the Tigerlily Foundation .
2. Immunomedics commits to working with Tigerlily on patient centric leadership from product development, trial design, marketing and launch (health care providers, clinical research, employees), as well as on an internal D&I survey, and a patient-moderated event around Trodelvy.
3. Immunomedics commits to allowing the Foundation to leverage the Humanly Tool and have it be used as a storytelling platform for diversity and social justice for patients of color.
4. Immunomedics will work with the Foundation on Black breast cancer research and thought leadership/Center of Excellence (HEAL)
5. Immunomedics will support Diversity & Inclusion playbook for pharma, as well as YMBHD.
6. Immunomedics commits to supporting the Inclusion pledge campaign, with a financial investment in the work.
9. Immunomedics to issue a heath care provider focused brochure on how to talk to your black patients and other content for clinical staff and others.
10. Immunomedics to engage agency and communication staff to issue a press release and communications around pledge.
11. Immunomedics to publish a series of blogs around disparaties, and host a Lunch & Learn.
12. Immunomedics to leverage ANGELs as experts
13. Immunomedics commits to embedding inclusion in employee credo.


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Morris Plains, NJ. Rödermark, Germany