Immerman’s Angels

Chicago IL, US


  • Representation
  • Pyschological
  • Trust
  • Literacy
  • Educational


  1. Immerman’s Angels Iris Collaborative will continue to foster an inclusive and welcoming community by increasing the diveristy of our board, staff and volunteers.
  2. Immerman’s will partner with healthcare partners and community organizations to build awareness of our program in under-resourced communities.
  3. Immerman’s Angels Iris Collaborative will create a safe and welcoming space for all who need and provide psychosocial cancer support.


“At Imerman Angels, we believe that, in fact, cancer DOES discriminate — in access to care, detection, treatment options and certainly in psychosocial support. We are proud to support the Tigerlily Foundation’s #InclusionPledge and help to address the health inequities that exist in cancer care.”

– Jordan Zaplatosch