Elephants and Tea

Washington, DC, US


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We recognize that racial disparities exist in our medical system, but sadly little action has been taken to eliminate these disparities. This must change. With these facts we believe Elephants and Tea must find ways to address these issues. Over the past few months, I have listened, observed, talked, and learned from many people in the black cancer community. I have learned that I have been oblivious. Thank you all for opening up to me and sharing your stories and fears. Undergoing cancer treatment is hard enough but being faced with discriminatory behavior due to one skin color is unacceptable. We must help create change. I became a new father in February and that brings new responsibilities: To be the best parent possible. As a father, I cannot imagine a world where my daughter is looked at and treated differently because of her skin color. And as a father, I cannot imagine her skin color reducing her chances of surviving cancer. Imagine. We are honored to be with Maimah and Tigerlilly Foundation to help be a part of change. As Maimah has said – “Being black should not negate your right to live.” These words ring true. We mu s t w o r k together to create change and eradicate discriminatory behavior. Thank you for joining us in being part of that change.


Washington DC. Shaker Hts, OH. (Partners) Northern Michigan. Colorado. North Texas.