Bunkyo City, Tokyo, Japan


  • Clinical Trials
  • Representation
  • Communication
  • Literacy
  • Education


1. Eisai will host a diversity town hall that is curated in partnership with Tigerlily Foundation.
2. Eisai commits to partnering with Tigerlily Foundation on diversity and inclusion activities.
3. Eisai will work with Tigerlily on patient-centric leadership from product development, trial design, marketing and launch.
4. Eisai commits to putting in place an Executive Sponsor to oversee their Inclusion Pledge commitment.
5. Eisai commits to working with CLINOPS Team to examine inclusion/exclusion criteria to ensure no unnecessary exclusion of patients.
6. Eisai to work with Tigerlily Foundation to create disparities and bias deck/statement to share with employees.
7. Eisai to work on developing content for patients and clinician/researchers around black patient diversity and exposure to clinical trials.
8. Eisai commits to updating verbiage in patient consent forms.


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