Daiichi Sankyo

Chuo City, Tokyo, Japan


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1. Daiichi Sankyo will host a diversity town hall that is curated by the Tigerlily Foundation.
2. Daiichi Sankyo recently provided the majority level support toward an independent, certified continued medical education and Quality Improvement program, ‘Improving Breast Cancer Disparities for Minority Patients in Chicago, a Case Study for the globe’.
3. Daiichi Sankyo will continue to support organizations (with funding and volunteerism) dedicated to addressing disparities in healthcare, particularly underserved communities for STEM education (Students2Science) as well as healthcare access (Zufall).
4. Daiichi Sankyo has conducted a cross-functional meeting with many from various regions on “Open Conversation” to begin a dialogue among employees about racial injustice. This is the first in a series of events and activities specifically designed to ensure diversity and inclusion for all at DS
5. Daiichi Sankyo commits to examining all organizational hiring practices to ensure diversity.
5. Daiichi Sankyo’s HR department held a Manager Forum on Unconscious Bias.
6. Daiichi Sankyo’s Compliance department is conducting training on their Standards of Business Conduct, which includes nondiscrimination and other related topics.


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