San Diego, California, US


  • Representation
  • Communication
  • Literacy
  • Trust
  • Emotional
  • Lifestyle


1. Biotheranostics will host a study that will focus on and illustrate the African American woman Breast Cancer Index results for ASCO 2021.
2. Biotheranostics commits to supporting D&I through the Tigerlily Foundation #InclusionPledge activities.
3. Biotheranostics commits to engaging and amplifying the voices of women of color by integrating more women of color as social influencers, focusing on elevating social change and highlighting disparities.
4. Biotheranostics commits to modifying all educational content for healthcare providers and patients to highlight women of color.
5. Biotheranostics commits to integrating diversity into all of their corporate goals and patient activities.


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