Yoga with Valencia Robinson

Welcome! I’m Valencia Robinson, 26-year veteran teacher of English and history, breast cancer survivor, and mom of 4.  I teach gentle yoga classes that focus on safety, proper body alignment, mindfulness and learning to trust yourself- even if you are new to yoga. I started my journey to yoga over 13 years ago, after my cancer diagnosis and since that time I’ve taught yoga to my students, family and other cancer survivors. My approach to teaching integrates Kripalu Yoga- teaching compassion, with the mindfulness of meditation, and the awareness of nutrition, blended with personal training, and lifestyle coaching. I will help you feel healthy, happy, and connected while making it all purposeful, grounded and fun!

I offer yoga and meditation classes, beach yogaYogaWalks, and cancer retreats. I have been featured doing yoga on Good Morning America and featured in People Magazine as a National Teacher of the Year.

When I’m not helping people discover the magic of yoga, you can find me actively involved in my local community. I’m passionate about helping cancer patients get to and from their appointments and helping them navigate through their journey.  I am a patient advocate and work with several National organizations in areas of legislation, research and therapeutics. I was awarded the 2019 Grassroots Advocacy Award by the National Breast Cancer Coalition.

My secret and occasional indulgences are traveling, exploring new places and reading a good novel.

I’m so looking forward to connecting with you and sharing the gifts of yoga and mindfulness!

Some of the Major Benefits of Yoga:

  • Increased physical stamina so you feel more flexible, less sore, have better posture and are stronger in your body
  • Meditation and breath work exercises that allow you to stay calm and peaceful, even in agitated situations
  • Regular activity that includes physical exercise, mental engagement, and spiritual relaxation

Things to consider for our Yoga class together: Eat a light, healthy lunch the day of class, drink plenty of water throughout the day, if you have blocks or books have them handy, have a strap or scarf close by also. We will also do some chair poses so please have a chair and, of course, your mat.

Join Valencia at 4:00 pm EST!