Episode 4: Time for Transformation

Streaming on Facebook on Thursday March 11th, 2021 at 1 pm EST

Cancer takes an emotional and mental toll on you, your family and caregivers, and this can have lasting impact.  In the final episode of BREATHE Tv, Season 1, Tigerlily ANGEL advocate Patricia Fox (eBC) advocate, Tigerlily ANGEL advocate (eBC), Tajuna Bradley (Nurse Practitioner), Esther Boykin (Licensed Therapist) and Bruce Vanhorn, Life Coach and Tigerlily Chief Transformational Officer talk about surviving and thriving during and after cancer.  We also dig into the impact cancer has on mental and emotional health, anxiety, depression, stress and post-traumatic stress disorder. Patients learn where and how to get the help they need. This episode focuses on a holistic approaches, opening up and transforming through the trauma of one’s diagnosis.


Maimah Karmo, Breast Cancer Survivor & Founder, Tigerlily Foundation


  • Esther Boykin, Licensed Therapist
  • Bruce Vanhorn, Chief Transformational Officer, Tigerlily Foundation
  • Tajuna Bradley, Nurse Practitioner, Georgia Cancer Specialists
  • Tameika Powell, MBC Disparities Tigerlily ANGEL Advocate
  • Patricia Fox, Early Breast Cancer Survivor & Tigerlily ANGEL Advocate


After the episode airs, the Tigerlily Foundation community will have access to a BREATHE Empowerment Worksheet to help you transform and visualize a healthy future.