Caring for Your Mental Wellness with Maimah Karmo and Esther Boykin

Join us every 2nd and 4th Thursday at 2 pm EST.

By taking care of yourself, you are encouraging a more empowered narrative, creating a life from a position of positive energy and creativity. The ripple effect of this type of action, no matter how small or large, positively impacts those closest to you on many levels.

About Esther Boykin: In 2004 with Master of Science from Virginia Tech and a vision of making mental health widely accessible to all, Esther Boykin began her career as a marriage and family therapist. With her passion for therapy and relationships growing, Esther opened Group Therapy Associates a psychotherapy practice in the Washington, DC metro area.
Now, nearly 15 years later, GTA has grown to include multiple office locations and Esther has extended her reach to other projects to further her mission for healthy relationships and accessible modern mental health. As CEO of Group Therapy Associates, Esther launched Therapy Is Not A Dirty Word, which hosts events and retreats and is also engaged in philanthropic efforts with Sidewalk Talk and Black Love Industry Professional (BLIP). She also co-hosts With That Being Said, a podcast with Erica Turner, and is featured regularly as an expert on shows like Good Morning Washington and the Real Housewives of Potomac.