Elissa Thorner

Elissa Thorner was a two-time breast cancer survivor by the age of 25. She has become an advocate for patients living with this disease appearing in television interviews, newspapers, magazines, podcasts, and radio speaking out about the barriers and challenges they often face including survivorship in early and advanced breast cancer care, long-term side effects, patient/caregiver/provider communication, improvements in quality and outcomes of care, technology as a communication tool, the mind/body connection, and healthy living after breast cancer. Ms. Thorner is involved in several communication and research initiatives including national guideline development, survivorship care planning, health education for patients and providers, caregiver communication, and improvement of health outcomes. She has an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University in Women’s Health and a graduate degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in Health Education and Communication. Ms. Thorner oversees breast cancer communication, education, and survivorship at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, manages the Breast Cancer Survivorship Program and is co-directs the Young Women with Breast Cancer Program.