Dr. Tara Sanft, Yale University, Yale Cancer Center

I am an Associate Professor of Medicine and the Director of the Adult Survivorship Program at Yale University, Yale Cancer Center. I treat women diagnosed with breast cancer and I oversee a weekly survivorship clinic that provides comprehensive consultations to adult cancer survivors regarding medical care and lifestyle recommendations. In addition, I conduct a long-term breast cancer survivor clinic where I see women who are > 5 years from diagnosis and no longer on active treatment. I am now the Principal Investigator for an R01-funded study in which I am overseeing recruitment from our oncology clinics and working with the research team to conduct the intervention. Additionally, I am the site Principal Investigator of a study looking a resilience trajectory in patients diagnosed with breast, colon and prostate cancer, so that we may better learn who needs our help the most in order to thrive after cancer.  As a breast oncologist, I have a busy practice and am fortunate to serve on a CDC committee addressing breast cancer in young women.  My research focuses on healthy lifestyles and quality of life after cancer. I recently became a facilitator for Relationship-Centered Communication Workshop that address how we develop therapeutic relationships with our patients and each other.