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Jeanne Regnante

Jeanne M. RegnanteJeanne Regnante

Jeanne M. Regnante, is the National Expert, Heath Equity & Inclusion. Jeanne’s primary objective is to secure the engagement and insights of vulnerable lung cancer communities by working with trusted community-based organizations and multiple health care stakeholders to achieve health equity and equalize disparities for all. Previous to this position, Jeanne was Senior Vice President of Community Engagement for National Minority Quality Forum where she launched and chaired the Diverse Cancer Communities Working Group (CWG) who worked together to optimize cancer care, treatment and inclusion to clinical trials for racial and ethnic minorities and medically underserved cancer populations. Jeanne has enjoyed her 30+ year work experience at Merck & Co. which includes Head of Global Patient Engagement, Chief of Staff to Merck’s Chief Medical Officer, Head of Scientific Affairs Operations and led the company-wide strategy focused on diversity and inclusion in clinical research. Jeanne is an active partner on implementation science programs and research grants, with academic partners, patient organizations and community based organizations and has authored several peer reviewed publications and blogs focused on best practices throughout the cancer continuum of care including inclusion research with leaders in the field. Jeanne believes that the amplification of best practices in collaboration with like-minded health care leaders drives sustainable and impactful change for America. She is a tireless advocate for trusted community engagement and health literacy practices based on insights and perspectives from communities. Jeanne was recently nominated to Cancer Health’s 2021 Change Makers.