What the ‘F’ are Bones? Know your F’s:
Facts, Food, Fitness and Focus

When you think of being empowered when it comes to your health, the terms “heart health” or “skin health” or “body health” may come to mind. But considering that one in two women over age 50 will have a fracture caused by osteoporosis, it seems that bone health is often overlooked as the framework of our bodies and its importance to overall health.

You may be reading this and wonder why you should learn about bone health at a young age, but your bones play extremely important roles in your health. From protecting your organs to playing a key part in producing red blood cells, they are a vital organ that you need to function every day. Like many other parts of your body, your bones evolve and work differently depending on which part of the life cycle you are in. Bones are live tissue and have to be cared for, just like you have to care for your heart, body, mind and spirit.

Bone health may be completely off of your radar in your younger years. After all, isn’t weak bones just an issue for little old ladies?

Learn more about your bone health journey and why the ‘f’ taking steps to support bone health is so important.

My #LoveYourBones Toolkit


From learning about the bone health journey to understanding how to speak with your doctor about bone health treatments options for early stage and metastatic breast cancer, knowing your family health history, risk factors and how to avoid them are powerful tools that enable you to love your bones. Read through these articles and get empowered about the facts!



Bone-building nutrients go beyond calcium. Eating a wide variety of nutrient-dense foods will supply your body with not only calcium, but also other less-known bone-supporting nutrients.



Exercise is good for so many reasons, including cardiovascular health and mental well-being. But certain exercises can also help make bones stronger. It’s never too late to start a bone-healthy exercise program.



Sitting still and chanting Om…… may not seem to have any impact on your bone health, but if you are experiencing any stress, meditation can quite possibly be the key to keeping your bones healthy.


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