I heard these words: you have breast cancer.

My name is Izabela

8/17/16 my very comfy life turned 180.

I heard these words: you have breast cancer.

I just turned 33

Radiology tech was giving me hard time about doing my Mamogram because according to standards “I’m too young” but I do have a family history. How do you define too young???? As far as I know cancer doesn’t discriminate!

I did BRACA gene testing when one of my family members was diagnosed and it came back negative go figure that 8months later I would actually have to deal with this.

After putting my foot down they did the test and yes they preaty much were all in disbelieve.

After my initial shock I went into overdrive thanks to a wonderful radiologist who sat with me, prepared me and told me what my next step should be.

I have wonderful team of doctors( you don’t realize when they say it takes a village that it actually takes a village of doctors to get you better).

On Thursday I was diagnosed

Friday already had a breast surgeon appointment

Monday I had MRI, genetic testing, medical clearance and plastic surgeon consultation.

Tuesday chest x-Ray and I received a phone  call from my doctor saying I’m ER and HER2 positive. Meaning that sucker lives of Estrogen and its aggresive which also means chemo after surgery.

Also MRI showed spot on right breast ( I was only diagnosed on left that Thursday) so my surgeon recommended biopsy.

We are still in Tuesday

I drove to get it done ASAP radiologist couldn’t find the spot with ultrasound so they recommended MRI biopsy saying its a little uncomfortable (that’s an understatement if you ask me) I will do 5 ultrasound guided biopsies over one MRI, especially when they dig the needle across your breast because because they don’t have an access.

So my Tuesday wasn’t going so well until this beautiful person Cherri called from my plastic surgeons office with my surgery date.

You may think I’m crazy being happy and pushy to get my surgery like yesterday but that’s me.

My surgeons were booked till sept 22nd which hearing that  I almost went into panic mode, but sept 8th they had opening in the morning and they agreed to do back to back surgeries and I was a first one to go at 7:40am.

I will forever be grateful that they agreed to do back to back bc it’s a very long surgery abt 5-6 hours and after mine they had to do it all over again.

After my date was set I only had to do few easy appointments (or so I thought) : 2 pre op and one where they inject medicine in the breast for sentinel nodes.

Sentinel nodes injection burnes

Like a lot. They gave me Emla cream to numb the area but it’s a very uncomfortable injection. Think about having a wound and someone pours alcohol on it.

Thursday was my surgery which knock on wood went great.

I went home the next day sore like when you overexercise your chest muscles but nothing crazy.

My post op app was 9days later. I already knew my sentinel node was positive but never expected my axillary to be positive. Cancer is a gift on giving.

My breast surgeon walked in with final path and said: “ I’m really not happy about this”

So let me ask you what would you think?!??

Stage 4? That’s what crossed my mind!

She said stage 3a

My response well I’m not stage 4 I have a lot fire to get through this

And I did

My original chemo was TCHP since I saw onco before my final pathology results

Than they called me saying they changing to AC and taxol

All I asked was I hope you are giving me strong chemo and they said this the strongest they can give

I was happy yes happy bc so far everything they said wouldn’t apply to me it did 16 rounds of chemo and 28 radiations . My implant exchange was in October of 2017 because I had to wait 6 months after radiation. In December 2017 I had my ovaries and Fallopian tubes removed to lower my estrogen level even more.

I know things happen for a reason. I am an active member in my clinic were I provide support to other young women. Also my clinic didn’t have a bell to ring at the end of the treatment so I got a gong donated to me and I donated to my clinic and whenever someone finishes chemotheraphy they get to hit it as hard as they want and nurses say all patients love the gong which makes my heart full.

Sorry for a long post but this is my life and if anything I hope you get from it is take a charge of your health!!!! And never give up and if I can help you and guide you along the way I’m here for you!