“We have this one life, it is a one time offer, use it well.- Fabianna Marie (2 of 4)

Breast Cancer has cut lives short, has instilled fear, and makes us question how far we can go.  But strength doesn’t come from what we can do. It comes from overcoming the things we once thought we couldn’t. Many times I have had expiration dates put on my life.  “We will give you another 2-5 years, we want you to get your affairs in order, we think it may be best to do XYZ but nothing is promised and we don’t think you will beat this long term.”  (Insert eye roll and a big middle finger to the doctors who believed theses statements) 14 years and I still here and thriving. I took my health AND wellness into my own hands and learned everything I could about different approaches to cancer.  I bet on me and knew that knowledge was power. 

Wellness is a whole body approach. Mind, body, and spirit. As a naturopathic doctor and Ayurvedic specialist I know that it is all connected. Having a multitude of options for optimal health while going through cancer is a necessity. How many of you have been told to stop your vitamins while on chemotherapy? I am betting, many of you.  I continued on an all raw natural vitamin regiment throughout all my treatments. I have had over 150 rounds of chemotherapy (and still counting) with continued use of vitamins.  I never had to stop chemotherapy because of low blood cell counts. NOT once.  

Most doctors scratch their heads at my case, scratch their heads at how healthy I am as a sick cancer fighter.  I knew fourteen years ago I wanted to have as much knowledge in this field as I could and that included diet, exercise, meditation, different forms of therapy (including music therapy) and natural approaches to my diagnosis and healing. 

Metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer is not an easy diagnosis, in fact, most would say a death sentence. I say it’s a life sentence. I am living proof when you bet on yourself and put the work in, fabulousness happens. I am a thriver and I want to help others to know their power as well.

There is no cut and dry road map to our health and wellness, we are all different. No two cells are the same; so no two people should have the same cancer treatment plan. But we often find that is what happens in a doctors office. Same chemotherapy plan, same radiation plan, same food pyramid crap speech for a diet plan.  It is absurd to think that this will work for all fighters.  We are all different and deserve a customized whole wellness approach plan.  We deserve to have all the information about ALL modalities of healing.  Including mind, body and spirit. 

For the next few weeks I will be diving into multiple modalities of healing including FAR infrared technology, meditation, raw food, and knowing your body type. So please stay tuned and feel free to connect with me on all social media outlets @fabfighting. Also check out my website for more information on wellness at fabulouslyfighting.com 

Written by: Fabianna- Tigerlily ANGEL advocate