Breast Cancer Inspired Me to Go After My Dreams!

In March 2015, I was 36 years old and 32 weeks pregnant with my second child. At this point in my pregnancy, I was seeing my OB/GYN every two weeks.  I had felt a lump in my breast about a week prior and had thought it was a pregnancy-related change in my breasts. But at the back of my mind, I had a feeling that it might be something more so I called my sister who is an oncology nurse and she said to mention it to my OB/GYN.  That was on a Tuesday. By Friday, I was diagnosed with Stage 3, Triple Negative Breast cancer with no genetic mutations.  I started treatment that following week, and had two rounds of chemo before I was induced for delivery. My warrior week was delivering my healthy 6 lb daughter on Monday and going in for my third round of chemo that Friday. Altogether, my full course of treatment was AC, Taxol, lumpectomy, lymph node dissection, and 6 weeks of radiation.

Losing my hair during cancer treatment made me feel like I’d lost a part of what made me beautiful.  I ended up turning to my favorite lipstick and scarf to help me reclaim my confidence during that tough time. To help others feel beautiful in a way that does not compromise their health, my sister and I created an organic cosmetic company called SaltyGirl Beauty. We were also inspired to create Foundation4Love, a nonprofit that treats cancer patients to relaxing experiences such as spa days, sporting events and private chefs.

What is interesting is that during my extensive time in the corporate industry, I had always wanted to start my own company. However, I never had the guts to take that leap. It was being diagnosed with Breast Cancer that gave me that push. Now, I have two companies and I couldn’t be happier with my life!

Bio:  Sarah Kelly is cancer-free for 2.5 years.  She lives in Kennebunk, Maine with her husband, 4 year old son and daughter who will be 3 in April.  And the biggest surprise of all, they are expecting their third child in April.  Sarah is passionate about clean beauty and is utilizing her MBA degree and almost 20 years experience in corporate sales and marketing to focus full-time on building SaltyGirl Beauty ( and Foundation4Love (