Triple Bite: Maimah Karmo – CEO Survivor, Advocate and Badass (1 of 5)

As a Triple Negative Breast Cancer Survivor, I’m thankful for efforts that highlight TNBC.  When I was first diagnosed 13 years ago, someone told me it was the good type of breast cancer to have. First of all, no breast cancer is the good breast cancer to have, and TNBC was even lower on that list, because there was no targeted treatment for that type of breast cancer.

Knowing this leaves many TNBC survivors in a place of fear.  For many years, I wondered, “if there is no targeted treatment for my type of cancer, will it come back?  Is it hiding somewhere and growing?  What does this mean?”  Thankfully, many researchers are working diligently to help find a treatment to target TNBC.  Initially consumed by fear and worry, I turned that energy into action – to help as many young women as possible, to bring awareness to the disparities and challenges that younger women face; and to bring light where is darkness – through education and spreading hope.

One of the best ways to overcome your fear is to step into and act.  While some really smart people are working to find a cure, I’ll be shining my love light in all the dark places, helping to inspire others to act and living my best life ever.  Whatever your diagnosis is, it doesn’t own you – you decide how to live your life despite it.

We are excited to highlight TNBC this week.  Over the next year, we will be working with researchers and will share updates on TNBC as they become available.

Please share your thoughts and your stories with us; and keep the faith!

Much love,