The Power of Prayer: An Introduction

In my journey so far, I discovered that there is no rigid rule about how or what to pray, but there are approaches we can take to develop a better relationship with our praying. In this first blog about prayers, I will share my introductory relationship with praying and my experience with the Silent Unity Prayer Ministry (a sub-division of Unity World Headquarters which Tigerlily is now partnering with). In future blogs I will share what I have learned about praying that has worked for me, some benefits of praying for others with others; and provide some examples of non-denominational prayers you can say for yourself and others.      

When I was 4 years old, my grandma planted the first seed about prayers by telling me that the more we acknowledge the Divine, the more we build a connection with the power that watches over us. Obviously, I was too little and too invested in my joy of playing all the time to really comprehend what she was saying.  Nonetheless after my grandma passed away a couple of years later, seeds continued to be planted, as I noticed my Mom chanting sacred phrases called mantras when she performed pujas (a Hindu sacred ceremony to honor the Divine) every week. My family is not pious, but when I was 8, my Dad got me a book about the elephant god Lord Ganesha which informed me about a couple of mantras to repeat if I ever needed help getting out of a bind.  And believe me, I got into a lot of binds as a kid, so I recited these mantras often and found them to miraculously resolve the stickiest issues for me. Another thing I used to intuitively do as I got older was have informal chats with Lord Ganesha, who I embraced as my higher power at that time. I would pour out all my woes to him hoping he would somehow hear me and help me. And to my relief, my woes would magically get resolved in a timely manner.  I was amazed with how quickly my prayers got answered. This type of praying worked for me well until after I got married and moved to California.  

As a young married woman, I encountered a rough patch that no amount of mantra chanting or chatting to my higher power seemed to shift me out of. I had faith that my prayers were heard, but nothing seemed to be changing outwardly. In my despair, I confided in my colleague at the public relations’ firm I worked for at the time in San Francisco. She suggested that I call the free Silent Unity Prayer line to request prayer support.  I had nothing to lose, so I called them and a soothing female voice greeted me on the other end with “Silent Unity – How may we pray with you?”.  I told her what I needed help with, and she prayed with me while I was on the phone and assured me that Silent Unity would continue to pray for me for 30 more days.  This prayer support did not yield the quick results my childhood prayer methods did, but it assisted in shifting my life in subtle ways until I was living a brand-new life eventually. New ideas and inspiration came through more easily and I met new people who helped me through my rough patch. I relied on Silent Unity many times over the years since that first time and they were always there for me. So dear reader when or if you require some extra support or just a boost of positive and soothing energy, remember to call the free 24/7 Unity Prayer line at 816-969-2000 or please join Tigerlily’s Prayer Circle held on the third Sunday of every month.   

Poornima Kadambari is a certified Reiki Master, Sound Healing Practitioner, and Lightarian Facilitator from Toronto, ON.  She has studied and practiced the healing arts for over 18 years with a focus on Prayer, Blessings, Emotional Release Work, Energy Balancing and Empowerment. She has been taught by Simon Heather, Sarah Shepherd, Luke Alvisi, Craig MacLennan, and Ananda Sangha. Her interests are painting, singing, and watching tv shows and movies from the 80s and 90s.