Learning to Embrace Silence

Often when faced with cancer, people tend to turn inward, or sometimes, upward, to find God or true meaning. However, you dont need to turn anywhere to find God. Instead, find some silence. Father Thomas Keating, a modern Christian mystic, stated, “The language of God is Silence. Everything else is a poor translation.”

In his quest to find truth, Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore started his practice of the Silence. He said to himself, “If I am Spirit and this God they talk so much about is Spirit, we can somehow communicate, or the whole thing is a fraud.”  Therefore, to get in touch with God, he began to sit in the Silence every night for an hour.

Silent meditation isnt an immediately acquired skill. As with any other skill or practice, it is difficult at first, but once you practice consistently, it becomes easier. After time, it becomes natural, as meditation becomes easier over time. To begin, sit somewhere quiet. Close your eyes, and focus on the silence. If you have difficulty doing so, concentrate on your breath. Thoughts may come and go, but bring your focus back to your breath. Try this for a minute or two, and gradually build your way up to being able to sit in silence for larger periods of time.

Silent meditation is performed to give us conscious contact with God. By eliminating any other noise of the world, and of life, we can connect deeply with the essence of our being. Also, you can develop a conscious inner awareness, reminding you that God is always present in every aspect of our lives. We can, by silent meditation, bring our consciousness into the direct experience of God.

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