Managing your New Normal with these Social Distancing Ideas

Hey ANGELS, it’s Patricia Fox, the Pink Sistah. This is a care check to see how you all are coping with COVID-19 and social distancing.

In addition to social distancing and curfews, I have been made aware that even more precautions have been implemented for some ANGELS overcoming the dis-ease called cancer. According to a letter I got from my oncologist on MyChart, visitors are restricted from accompanying us during our recovery in hospitals and even while in treatment. This has been initiated to reduce risk of those with compromised immune systems from being infected by the virus.

Young Survival Coalition – Breast Cancer Is – Philadelphia – July 2019

However, us ANGELS know all about new normals, be it temporary or life long. We are tenacious and resilient, and this temporary new set of changes is no different. Here are a few ideas to try while living through social distancing.

Stay Connected! Although social distancing is suggested to be 6 feet from each other, and there is a strong urge to stay indoors, we can still connect with friends and loved ones intimately. We now have the time to call the distant relative we’ve had good intentions on calling for some time now. Video chatting, via Facetime or Facebook Messenger, is another way to connect with loved ones and not feel so isolated – be it at home or in treatment. Also, try virtual support groups to remain engaged and in connection with others. 

Read! Now is the time to catch up on some good reads, or begin a new book. It is especially helpful to choose a read that is empowering or nurtures your spirit and imagination with positivity. You can also connect with others by reading. Creating book challenges and planning group discussions is a way to encourage connection with others.

Do Something New! The busyness of life often has us to forget projects we left unfinished, or plans we mapped and never began. We may even have talents patiently waiting within us to be explored. We now have the time to finish or begin, and discover or sharpen these endless possibilities. Is there a book you wanted to write or a painting waiting? Or maybe even a business plan that turns from side hustle to success never before imagined? With this time, we can afford to explore all the above and more!

Beauty time! As an ANGEL who loves beauty,  I must share that now is the time to get into all things beauty. Be it browsing the Sephora App to view the latest trends or using their Virtual Artist, to watching product reviews and tutorials – now is the time. It’s time to sort your good makeup from your expired products. Take inventory of what’s missing in your beauty routine, or what you’d like to try that’s new. Most importantly, clean your tools! So brushes, beauty blenders, mask spatulas and whatever else you may have in your beauty arsenal.

Be Present! My best recommendation is to remain present. The virus is not something we can control, nor the laws to follow. However, we can choose to remain present where we are. In this exact moment. That we are still living, breathing, safe, warm, clean are only a few things to consider to keep us grounded. Give thanks for every activity of the day. Preparing dinner? Give thanks for this moment. Resting? Give thanks for this moment. Taking a moment to read this blog? Give thanks for this moment. Gratitude will help fade out worry. This mindfulness of appreciation for all things in the moment will help keep us present. We are blessed!

This is temporary, ANGELS! In the meantime, be well, be encouraged and encourage someone.

Written by Patricia Fox, Tigerlily ANGEL Advocate