Live in hope not fear, fear will ruin your life

From the various emotions we experience, fear is my least favorite. Fear is not the solution. It is more like a key without teeth which cannot open any doors. It is a key which is of no use and no benefit. Then why be in fear? It’s okay to feel scared, but it is more harmful mentally and physically to let fear take over. The goal is not to let it control you and take over, especially when dealing with cancer. When anyone hears the word “cancer,” it is natural to be fearful at first. Rather than allow fear to dominate, open the door to hope. Once the door to hope is open, there will be no room left for fear.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the cancer world which is worrisome at times. In general that is a hard concept to deal with. We all want answers and we want them now. We like to have a plan for everything and how it is going to happen and what the outcome will be. You can’t do that with cancer. Yes, you can have a plan of action in place. Yes, the doctors will try their hardest to answer your questions to the best of their ability. You have to remember that doctors do not have complete knowledge of what the outcome may be or what the future holds. What I realized is that they work hard and have hope in the outcome. Hope is the key with teeth which can open doors for continuous research, medical advancements and clinical trials. Most importantly, it is the key which opens the door to physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

We all have choices to make and each choice we make will have an impact on our lives and the lives of our loved ones. I choose to live in hope and not fear. I will not allow fear to disable me and disable the ones I love. It is a choice that you make. You control your emotions and your outlook. I noticed that whenever I became fearful about cancer I wasn’t living. My fear leads my cancer to take over my life. I have decided cancer will not dictate the way and manner I live my life. My goal is really simple – I just want to live and enjoy this beautiful gift called life. Fear will make you forget the blessing of life. It takes you away from your loved ones and from making loving memories. Your body will feel it. The stress will hurt in different areas and make pain intolerable. Simply choosing to live in a state of hope rather than fear, you have already beat cancer. You lose to cancer once you let fear take over. Always keep in mind and heart ,hope over fear.