Join us as we LAUNCH our #KnowMoreDisparities & #PullUpASeat Mini-Symposia, in partnership with GRASP!

Tigerlily Foundation and Guiding Researchers & Advocates to Scientific Partnerships (GRASP) partner to host a bi-monthly mini-symposia to shine a light on the experiences of Black women with breast cancer through two conversations: #KnowMoreDisparities & #PullUpASeat

  • #KnowMoreDisparities: Conversations facilitated ‘for and by’ Black women will create a safe space for honest conversations with Black physicians, medical clinicians and patient experts to discuss their experiences of health inequality, implicit racial bias and lessons learned.
  •  #PullUpASeat: Two weeks after #KnowMoreDisparities we come back together for a #PullUpASeat discussion co-hosted by a Black Keynote physician / clinician and Black patient experts who will facilitate a conversation with non-black medical professionals to shine a light on the experience of black women with breast cancer.

Mission: To leave each participant with actionable next steps that will hold non-black medical professionals accountable and strengthen patient confidence in medical and research institutions. A one-page summary will be shared post-symposia that outline these actionable next steps.

Join our first conversations in September on “Addressing Biases in Clinical & Health Care Provider Practices”

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Register Here!

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