Do you Soqi and eat Raw? (4 of 4)

The last 14 years I have engulfed myself in knowledge and education. I have taken classes, been to seminars, read countless books, and used numerous modalities of healing.  I believe knowledge is power and as Naturopathic doctor I have the joy of sharing this knowledge with my patients, friends and family. Two of the most poignant moments that changed my healing was finding the soqi bed and getting certified as a Raw Food teacher. Both changed the trajectory of my diagnosis. 

 It is important to understand that our bodies are complex biological machines, and the food we eat is the fuel. Our bodies are brilliantly designed to convert all types of food substances into fuel and energy to sustain life. When you eat, you break down food with your teeth into liquid form, digestive juices break that liquid down further in your stomach, then the nutrients are absorbed into your blood stream and carried to your cells. Your body uses these nutrients for energy, and to repair and regenerate cells.

The fiber, which is too large to be absorbed into your bloodstream, moves through your intestinal tract and out of your body.

Waste byproducts, dead and mutated cells, and toxins are carried away in your bloodstream and lymphatic system to be eliminated via sweat, mucus, urine, feces, etc. Fiber is like an intestinal broom. It picks up toxins deposited in your gut and carries them out.

The best source of clean high quality fuel for your body comes from raw organic fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. Simply put, cooking destroys enzymes, lessens the nutritional value of food, and raises its acidity  Whether you’re in a lab or in the kitchen, subjecting any object to high heat causes a chemical reaction in that object that changes its structure.

Cooking can convert nutrients from an organic to an inorganic state and render them useless to your body. Raw food is living food. Cooked food is dead.  Raw food is perfectly designed to fuel a living body. The more raw food you can incorporate into your diet, the better.

6 years ago a chiropractor recommended I look into Far Infrared Ray (FIR) technology to ease my pain and hopefully help my body fight off cancer.   After doing some extensive research, my husband Dave, and I decided to make the investment in a bed for our home and it has been something we have used daily ever since.  I have experienced increased energy, relaxation, less swelling in my joints and believe that my current holding pattern in tumor growth and metastasis is in part due to my use of the Soqi bed.

Unfortunately, the FDA has yet to approve the sale of this technology in the US, so finding a Soqi bed to use or purchase may prove a little challenging.  Just what is the Soqi bed and it’s partner the Chi Machine? 

The Soqi bed consists of domes that emit Far Infrared Rays (FIR) which are the safest and most beneficial from the sun.  The reaction between our bodies and the FIR is what creates the healing benefits.   FIR beds increase your circulation, allow the release of toxins from cells, increased relaxation, decreased tension, reduced pain and inflammation.

The Chi Machine lies at the end of the Soqi bed and is an option to use while laying in the bed or on its own.  It promotes circulation and relieves minor muscle aches through its unique massage. The chi machine oscillates from right to left, or left to right, approximately 144 times per minute producing a harmonious figure “8” motion.  This motion oxygenates the blood and clears the lymphatic system.  Fifteen minutes on the chi machine gives your body the equivalent oxygen benefit of 1-½ hours of walking and the equivalent lymphatic benefit of a one hour manual lymphatic massage.

Both the soqi bed and a raw food diet are two of the most powerful ways to prevent and heal.  Cancer can be the scariest word you will ever hear, but knowledge is more powerful than cancer will ever be. For those who find this overwhelming, please reach out, ask questions, and remember this tribe of Fabulous Fighters is strong.  Knowledge is always the loudest voice. Together we are unstoppable. 

Written by: Dr. Fabianna Marie- Tigerlily ANGEL Advocate