Holistic & Integrative Health

Holistic treatments involve healing modalities that consider the individual – mind, body and spirit, in order to help individuals have more balance.  When one part of the whole person is not working, this can affect the other parts, so holistic physicians integrate conventional medicine with herbs, supplements, they look at diet, stress, spiritual practices, sleep, and may recommend treatments such a reikki, acupuncture, breathing, chiropractic work, dance, massage, aromatherapy or other treatments, to complement conventional treatments.

Holistic practitioners also believe in treating people, not patients, and they believe that each individual holds healing abilities as well.  Holistic treatment involves treating the root problem, not just symptoms, with the person and provider working hand in hand.  Love, compassionate care and spirituality are woven into holistic treatments, as the patient learns to get in touch with their inner strength and integrate lifestyle methods to achieve their best health.

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